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As Pandora lifted the lid - out flew plagues innumerable, sorrow and mischief for mankind. In terror she clapped the lid down, but it was too late. One good thing, however, remained there -- it was hope.

Background: Pandora's Box was created by craig miranda, graphic designer, etc of Miranda Design

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Peace on the Net: we strongly support peace and are against any prejudice. Any hate messages posted here by visitors DO NOT in any way reflect the attitude of Pandora's Box and should be taken for what they are: close minded opinions of someone who has nothing constructive to do with his or her time and energy. Please support peace and tolerance and be kind to others. A little kindness brings alot of positive karma.

Tarot Cards: without going too deeply into this, for those who are "into" tarot card readings by traditional means (which includes me): i know that the cards contain only the trumps major and i don't consider electronic media to go against the nature of divination, i consider it a form of evolution (in the same way that i consider computers and electronic art to be valid as the modern medium for artists). keep in mind that tarot cards were not originally created for fortune telling, but for meditation and learning. they EVOLVED into a tool for divination.

Also, keep in mind that all readings should be considered as "positive readings" or at very worst "warnings of what to look out for" and should only be taken seriously if you CHOOSE to take them seriously. everyone has the power to control their own future, whether they know it or not.

Poetry: alot of the submitted poetry has been really well written and passionate. I wish I had more time to read the poems. impressed. thanks to all those who participate in open mic.

Questions, comments and what-have-you can be emailed to craig.


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